Mma Betting – How to Properly Handicapping MMA

mma betting

Mma betting is growing in popularity and offers a wide variety of wagers. While the sport can be difficult to handicap, with a little research, you can make some big profits. The key is understanding the fighters and their skills, fighting styles, records, and injuries. It is also important to know what factors to ignore, such as a fighter’s hype and how they react to high-pressure situations.

The first step to mma betting is finding a reputable sportsbook that offers MMA. BetMGM, for example, has a large selection of betting markets with several different bet types available. Players can place a moneyline bet on the winner of a particular fight, as well as place a point spread bet on the winning margin. These bets are typically higher risk than a straight win/loss bet, but they can lead to bigger payouts if the fighter wins.

Aside from examining the fighters’ skill, fighting styles and record, bettors should also pay close attention to a fighter’s weight. This is because a fighter’s performance will vary depending on how hard they push themselves to cut weight. Those who struggle to make it under the weight limit will lose more often than those who can do so with ease.

Another critical factor is a fighter’s history of fighting in the same weight class as their current opponent. This is because fighters often move up and down in weight classes based on their success and the level of competition they face. In addition, a fighter who lost to an opponent in the same weight class will likely lose to an opponent of the same size again.

When placing a bet, it is important to consider the stance of each fighter as well. Typically, fighters will either be orthodox or southpaw. These differences will affect the way in which they perform, and can help bettors determine the strength of one fighter versus the other.

Lastly, bettors should look at a fighter’s record against opponents with similar styles. This will help bettors decide if the current opponent has any significant advantages over the rest of the field. For example, a southpaw fighter will have an advantage over an orthodox fighter when it comes to wrestling and ground defense.

Finally, a bettors should also pay close attention to the fight’s weigh-ins. While this may seem like a trivial aspect of the fight, it is a crucial factor in determining how a fighter will perform in the ring. For example, extreme dehydration can cause a fighter to lose their cerebrospinal fluid, which can leave them vulnerable to a knockout. Paying attention to a fighter’s weigh-ins can reveal potential weaknesses that they have not addressed in their training camp.