MMA Betting

MMA betting is an exciting and entertaining way to place wagers on upcoming fights. You can bet on the number of rounds, the winner of a round, and many other factors. If you have a good understanding of how these odds work, you can make a profit on the MMA fights you choose to bet on.

The most common MMA betting options include moneyline bets, method-of-victory wagers, and parlays. Each type of MMA bet has its pros and cons, so it is important to consider your own personal preferences before placing a wager on an MMA fight.

Moneyline Betting

Probably the most popular form of MMA bets is the moneyline, which determines who will win the fight based on their performance. The moneyline will usually have a + sign for the underdog and a – sign for the favorite. This means that the underdog must beat the favorite by a certain amount to win the bet. This makes it a more exciting bet option than the standard straight moneyline.

There are several ways to predict the outcome of a fight, but the most common methods are based on how the fighters match up and the style they employ. These are referred to as “method-of-victory” bets and can range from a simple knockout or submission win to a split or majority decision.

When putting together your method-of-victory bets, it is important to analyze each fighter’s recent fights and their opponents. This will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses and can also help you avoid common pitfalls in MMA betting.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when betting on MMA is choosing to bet on fighters without taking into consideration their past performance against similar opponents. This can lead to a big lose if the opponent in question is a wrestler or grappler.

Another mistake people make when betting on MMA is ignoring the weight class of a fighter. Like boxing, MMA fighters have different weight classes and may move up and down in weight depending on their success. This can give a significant advantage to some fighters over others, but can also be a disadvantage for those who aren’t able to cut or maintain their weight.

In some cases, a fighter can lose their weight due to illness, injury, or other reason and be forced to fight at an unfamiliar weight. This can have a dramatic effect on their performance, making them less than their usual self.

Replacement Fighters

Occasionally, a fighter will withdraw from a fight before the start of the bout. In such cases, a replacement fighter will be called in to take their place. This can be a risky decision since replacement fighters have a lower winning percentage than the original fighter.


MMA handicap bets are a lesser-known betting option, but they can be a great way to increase your odds of winning a wager. This is a great bet if you’re looking to take a risk without having to invest a lot of money.